PR Hound. A brand’s best friend.

Delivering passion and devotion to a product that truly deserves media attention, that’s PR Hound’s commitment to you.

Dan is a highly skilled PR-Pro, great communicator and terrific colleague. He came to us in a time of great depression and it was due to his PR work that U55 – END OF THE LINE was recognized by major news outlets worldwide.

- Malte M. Boettcher – Producer

Thanks to PR Hound, the press involvement with the latest launch has been amazing and the game launched to an expectant community.

- Chris Roberts Survivalist Games

“Dan from PR Hound is a super well-connected games PR champion. Personable, bright, humble, and determined, he’s the ace up your sleeve and gets results..

- Eric Boosman – Dark Tonic

Dan from PR Hound is one of the nicest people I have worked with to date. Not only is he friendly but he gets his work done efficiently and always makes time just to have a chat just to get to know people better.

- Dylan Varian – Soundwave.